Swedish Axe Making Trip At Gransfors Bruks.



A trip of a life time.  Trust us to come up with something brilliant!

On 19th – 25th October 2015 Survival School will be going on another Expedition. This time we’re off to Sweden for an Axe Making , Canoeing and Paddle Making Bushcraft trip.  There are some trips that are just too good to miss.  This is one of them.

  • Make your own Axe in the Gransfors Bruks factory
  • Paddle canoes out to a remote island
  • Make your own paddle with the axe you made earlier in the week
  • There are 13 places left on the trip
  • The Expedition will last for 7 days

DAY 1: (19/10/15) Depart Heathrow to Stockholm and then on to Ostersund, upon arrival you will be met by transport waiting to drive you to a the Gransfors Bruks Factory.  Once we arrive there we will set up camp (tents and hammocks) and get familiar with our new surroundings.

DAY 2: (20/10/15) After breakfast we will have a tour around the Gransfors factory and get started on making our own axes.

DAY 3: (21/10/15) Day three is when we complete our axes and take the time to chill out.

DAY 4: (22/10/15) Drive to meet the canoes and set off to a remote location.  We'll then make camp before heading out to cut and collect the materials needed for making canoe paddles - using the axes we've made earlier in the week.

DAY 5: (23/10/15) Day 5 is the roughing out day.  We'll cut the timber for our paddles so that they at least resemble paddles and then work them until they are usable.

DAY 6: (24/10/15) Day 6 is a chilled out day when we spruce up the paddles, smooth of any rough edges and start to sand them down.

DAY 7: (25/10/15) Paddle back across the lake using our new paddles to meet up with the transport to take us back to the airport.


Sleeping bag (ideally suited down to -15c)
Tarp / hammock / tent – please ask for advice if you are unsure.
Thermarest or other ground mat.
Water bottle or Platypus, Dromedary or Ortlieb collapsible water container
Mug + billy can (not mess tins)
Fork or spoon
Sheath knife (to be kept in hold luggage)
Folding Saw – please ask for advice if you are unsure (to be kept in hold luggage) Dry bags – everything must be waterproofed.
Rucksack or Northface style hold all, or Ortlieb Dry Bag Carrying System
Warm hat and gloves
Travel clothing for 1st and last days on flights.
Canoeing clothing – we suggest - trousers, t-shirt, shirt, warm clothing, must be long- sleeved/ full-length legs. Quick drying clothes. Your feet could get wet and you will be walking on slippery rocks – do not take Gortex walking boots, or sandals. Warm socks and willies would work well.
Spare dry footwear for the evening.
Fleece / down jacket etc
Waterproof coat and trousers
1 small roll of duck tape
1 whistle
1 Snap gate Karabiner (small but not mini) + 10m of cord (at least 3mm)
Torch with 2 sets of spare batteries
Personal effects; - wash kit, medication etc (it is probably worthwhile taking your own supply of analgesia and anti diarrhoea tablets as well as toilet paper)
Rations – 4 x breakfast – 4 x lunches – 4 x supper (super noodles, couscous, oat-so- simple – light weight dehydrated stuff – chocolate snacks etc.
Tea / coffee / whitener
Fishing kit

23kg maximum

Please ensure that ALL kit is carried in a waterproof bag. Any cameras, mobile phones etc should be kept in re-sealable plastic bags to keep out water..., which will get everywhere!


The local currency is Swedish Kronor. You can put almost anything on a credit card but we would suggest taking about £50 in Kronor.


There are three things to consider:
1. Tick borne encephalitis – please speak to your GP about this.
2. Tetanus – please be up to date before the trip.
3. EHIC – European Health Insurance Card – you will need one of these. Please visit www.dh.gov.uk/travellers and apply online.

Please consult your doctor. It is worth taking antibacterial soap with you and washing your hands before eating. Even by taking these precautions it is still possible to get an upset stomach, so having your own supply of Imodium (and loo roll) is advisable – if taking wet wipes, ensure they are biodegradable (i.e. Kandoo)


The temperatures in the wilderness could still be over 300C during the day but may dip below freezing at night. Be prepared for all eventualities. The likely temperatures are a max of 25 and a min of around 10. It can quite windy though.


For those people interested in maps of where we are going, you can ring The Map Shop on 01684 593146. The maps you will need are:

20E SO HOTAGEN (based on Follinge) 203D HOTAGEN (based on Hotagen)

The scale is 1:50,000.



All members of the expedition must arrange and have their own travel insurance to cover themselves whilst on the expedition and also a current European Health Insurance Card.

It is also wise to have cancellation insurance incase of political instability in the region or other unforeseen problems which may affect the running of the expedition.


  • Flights
  • Canoes and Canoeing equipment
  • Food at Gransfors
  • Transport/transfers
  • Insurance
  • Guide


  • Personal Expenditure (everything can be bought using a credit/debit card so there is no real need for cash)
  • Personal Travel Insurance
  • Rations for the Bushcraft Phase (You should buy what you need for 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 evening meals - please ask for advice)
  • Food for the Canoeing and Paddle Making phase


  • You will need a current 10 year passport and a current European Health Insurance Card.


  • 19th October - 25th October 2015


  • £1295 including Flights

When choosing a company offering overseas events do ensure and ask for confirmation that they have adequate insurance and licensing.  This will give you the peace of mind that both you and your money are secure, and that you are dealing with a reputable company.

This venture is run in conformity and in accordance with British Standard 8848.
Licensing and Bonding

This trip is fully bonded and licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for your financial protection. All relevant customer monies are secured by Bank Guarantees and/or Insurance. An Air Travel Organisers' Licence (ATOL) granted by the CAA is held for this trip.  The ATOL number is 9576.