Bridle Butt Leather Belts – Conker Brown

Bridle Butt Belts - Conker Brown


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The Bridle Butt Belt has been hand stitched from the very best Bridle Butt Leather made from Sedgewicks 1st Selection.

  • The belts are 3.5mm to 4mm average thickness across the skin
  • The belts are 3.5cm wide. They fit suit trouser loops and jeans and pretty much every pair of trousers.
  • A belt so good you'll wear it everyday - because you can.
  • When measuring the length require, add 8 inches on to your waist measurement.
  • This Bridle Butt Belt is shown with the Brass West End Buckle
  • Please allow 28 days for the belt to be hand made and delivered.  Thank you.

Additional Information

Waist Size

30″, 32″, 34″, 36″, 38″, 40″, 42″


Brass West End Buckle, Nickel Roller Buckle