First Need Elite Water Purification System


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First Need Elite Portable Water Purifier 

Removes: Bacteria, Viruses, Giardia, Cryptosporidia, Parasitic Cysts, Pesticides, Algae, Odours, Colours, Sediment, Foul Tastes, Herbicides, Organics.

Our First need products use the same "Structured Matrix" technology as used in our on-board systems to instantly remove contaminants from the water source. Providing purified, delicious drinking water wherever you go, these portable units are perfect for those excursions away from your RV or boat.

Whether on the trail or on shore at a restaurant, there is a first need water purifier that will fill your needs.

This is a best seller - offering water on the go. Includes direct connect to popular Nalgene and Ortlieb bottles, canteens and hydration packs. Features a double action 'field serviceable' pump, no hands gravity feed option, long non kink tubing and self cleaning pre-filter. Each canister is sealed to prevent contact with contaminants and has an average rated capacity of 912 litres per canister.