The Warrior Fire Piston


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Survival School are the European distributors for the Warrior Fire Piston, the highest quality fire piston available anywhere in the world.
Fire pistons are durable and reliable fire starters. A properly maintained fire piston will provide innumerable lights. When they eventually become worn, original performance can be restored in minutes by simply replacing the gasket.

Our products reflect a combination of historical designs, experience and original creativity. The natural materials used are selected for their superior performance and beauty.

The Fire Piston operates on the same principle as a diesel engine. When air molecules are rapidly compressed within the cylinder, the temperature of the air becomes hot enough to cause combustion. Now you really can light your fire with fresh air.

Fire pistons perform under adverse conditions that render other methods completely useless. For example, because of the piston seal, fire pistons will ignite instantly after submersion in water. In a survival situation, it is even possible to light a fire with one hand.

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