Canoeing Expedition in Sweden

Canoeing Expedition in Sweden

In the next few days we are leaving for our Sweden Canoeing Expedition.  It’s such an amazing place with fantastic sights and sounds that mentally we’re there already!

We also have the Scout Jamboree in Cornwall with thousands of people doing our course there.  Busy, but outrageously brilliant.  Looking forward to that.

We’ve also got our weekend course this weekend in Staffordshire.  It’s a full house and the weather looks to be set fair me hearties!

Today, we’ve got a course of 23 youngsters in Gloucestershire.  This is a school group from Croft School in Painswick.  The question is, how many pairs of eyes does a Survival School instructor have?  The answer is, not enough!

Happy Days!  Enjoy the sun everyone.

Dib! Dib!