Bear Cream Water Proofing for Boots


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Wilma’s natural products are made in the forest region of Swedish Lapland utilising the old knowledge and techniques that have been used for centuries by the forest people who have lived and worked there.

A woodsman  working all day in the forest in meter deep snow had to have waterproof shoes. Before the days of synthetic and winter rubber boots, leather shoes had to be treated with to keep water tight.

Bear Cream is a  leather protection grease made using the finest natural ingredients such as birch and pine tar oil, spruce resin and bear fat.  Wilmas “kängskosmorning” or Boot Grease penetrates deep into the leather, makes it soft, strong and very water repelling. Will make lighter leather darker after repeated use, and brings a scent of the forest to your boots.

Used on footwear as well as leather luggage, rucksacks, bags and sheaths for knives and axes.  Just like all Wilmas products this is a tried and tested natural product produced in accordance with traditional methods.
100g tins.