Bridle Butt Leather Belts – Black


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The Bridle Butt Belt has been hand stitched from the very best Bridle Butt Leather made from Sedgewicks 1st Selection.

  • The belts are 3.5mm to 4mm average thickness across the skin
  • The belts are 3.5cm wide. They fit suit trouser loops and jeans and pretty much every pair of trousers.
  • A belt so good you'll wear it everyday - because you can.
  • When measuring the length require, add 8 inches on to your waist measurement.
  • This Bridle Butt Belt is shown with the Nickel Roller Buckle.
  • Please allow 28 days for the belt to be hand made and delivered.  Thank you.

For more sizes, please contact us on 01453 752220.