Camellia Oil Pump Stray – 240ml


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Imported from Japan, camellia oil is a natural vegetable oil that has been used for centuries by Japanese craftsmen as protection against corrosion. For practical purposes the natural camellia oil is blended with other light oils produce a low viscosity protective oil. It has a pleasant smell and used regularly forms an effective barrier against rust and corrosion. Supplied in a pump spray bottle 240ml.

Camellia Oil is a special blend oil, with natural camellia oil and liquid paraffin.  It is non toxic & non allergenic but is NOT a cooking oil. A small amount applied to your tools will keep them free of corrosion or rust.

  • Imported from Japan where used to protect tools against corrosion
  • Natural vegetable oil blended with low viscosity light oil
  • Won't transfer to the workpiece
  • Effective barrier against rust and corrosion
  • Available in a 240ml pump spray bottle