Gransfors Bruks – Ceramic Axestone


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The Ceramic Gransfors Axe Stone. The double-sided circular stone has both a coarse and fine side, allowing you to sharpen your axe to a razor-sharp edge.  This Ceramic axe stone is made from sandstone quarried on the island of Gotland in Sweden.

Gransfors also produce a Natural version of this stone.

The stone is normally used with water, but can also be used dry. The stone is round and flat with a phase around the edges to prevent chipping. The fine side is 1/3 of the total thickness. The stone has a protective rubber casing. After use clean the stone and let it dry, do not leave the stone in the water.


Clean the axe before sharpening. Use the stone with a circular motion, first with the course side then with the fine side. Rotate the stone in your hand so it will wear evenly. For a long lasting edge strop the axe blade on a leather belt after sharpening

The stone can be used with or without water, it comes supplied in its own rubber housing for protection.

Not suitable for removing large dinks, we would suggest using the Gransfors Axe File first and then sharpening with the axe stone once the dinks have been removed.

With a coarse side to deal with more substantial chips and dings, and a fine side suitable for fine grinding and sharpening, this is the only axe sharpener you'll need when out in the field. And with a diameter of 57 mm and weighing in at just 160 g, it certainly won't weigh you down. It makes the perfect partner to the Gransfors Axe File, which is required when heavier damage has been inflicted to your axe.


  • Grain size on coarse side: 180
  • Grain size on fine side: 600
  • Diameter of stone: 57 mm
  • Total weight: 160 g