Mini Fire Steel


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The Swedish FireSteel ™ from Light My Fire was designed by a world recognised Arctic survival expert, Lars Fält, to be the ultimate fire-starting tool in any climate. Due to the excellent performance and reliability of the FireSteel in challenging conditions, it is used by many survival experts, expedition suppliers and mountain rescue teams worldwide and is standard issue kit for Scandinavian NATO troops.

Manufactured from an alloy of seven elements, it produces a spark at over 3000 °C, and will light anything from gas and hexamine stoves, campfires and barbecues, Trangia style stoves, paper, dry grass to small pieces of wood or birch bark, even under the most challenging conditions. It is guaranteed not to break in cold weather and is far easier to use than waterproof matches in cold or windy conditions.

Mini Model – will produce up to 1,500 strikes with its own steel striker attached on a strong cord.