Strike-a-light Flint and Steel Set


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Strike-a-Light fire striker, hand forged, curled ends, with flint chard. Authentic and well proportioned, our fire striker fits neatly around the hand. It is big enough for a grown man's hand and not over sized for a lady's hand.

The price includes a sharp flint chard so that you are ready to go as son as you receive it. The special hardening process makes it spark well, throwing showers of hot sparks, when you present the sharp edge of a flint chard at the perfect angle. Not brittle, it is virtually unbreakable!

The strike-a-light should last a life time. The quality of sparks is first rate and just one good strike is enough to get char cloth burning before introduction to tinder like birchbark or dried grass. It is possible to get your fire going in seconds rather than minutes.