Tick Lasso


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The Trix Tick Remover works like a lasso and is very fast and easy to attach to all ticks. The lasso is very easy to use on children and pets, who are sometimes difficult to hold still.

The Tick Remover is extremely easy to master and very reliable at removing the whole tick without damage. Because the lasso adapts to the size of tick, a firm grip is maintained even on the smallest of nymphs. Other methods of Tick removal such as tweezers and hooks require more of a skilled hand and a willing patient to function correctly.

Important Information you should know about simple tick remover devices incorporating a tapered slot and their use on ticks with long mouth parts. Published reports from veterinary tests have shown that hook devices do remove the tick but not always cleanly. In 74% of cases, damaged and severed mouth parts were recorded when removing sheep ticks (I Ricinus). The Tick Lasso overcomes this problem.

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