Sweden Winter Expedition 2018



The Ultimate Winter Experience in Sweden


7th to 14th January 2018

On 7th - 14th January 2018  Survival School will be going on another Expedition. This time we're off to Sweden for a Husky, Snowmobile and Bushcraft trip.  This is a trip of a life time. If you are doing anything else- cancel it!   

  • The Expedition will last for 8 days.
  • Deposit - £395 - Full Price - £1495
  • Instalment payments available.

DAY 1:  Depart Heathrow to Stockholm and then on to Ostersund, upon arrival you will be met by transport waiting to drive you to a remote log cabin in a back country location. (The cabin is very basic no electricity no indoor bathroom no TV/phones or computers.)  But let’s face it this week is all about going back to nature.


DAY 2:  After breakfast we head out to the local area for a day's cross country skiing with a packed lunch provided.  On the way back we start preparing the snow hole for the penultimate night.  This is a fantastic day for photography as well as having  serious amounts of fun.

DAY 3:  Day three is when we head off to the mountains for a day on the snow mobiles.  We stop for lunch at a hotel where lunch is included.  The mountains are truly beautiful and snowmobiling on the lakes and mountains is so much fun it should be illegal

DAY 4:  This day is amazing.  Imagine being pulled through stunning scenery by a team of huskies.  This is such a wonderful day that it will stick in the memory for the rest of your life.  When you're not sledding there is the opportunity to do a spot of ice fishing.  Lunch is a BBQ on a lake shore.  You don't get anymore picturesque than that.

DAY 5:  This is the first day of the Survival Phase.  We will ski off to a remote location and set up a snowscape camp and tipi.  Fire lighting, shelter building, signal beacons and many more topics are on the agenda.

DAY 6:  The snow hole needs to be finished off and moved into.  This is the climax of all the training you'll receive and the final night in the snow hole is indeed a real high moment of your adventure.

DAY 7:  The last day is a rest day. This is an opportunity to go skiing, explore on snow shoes and in the afternoon relax in the hot tub. The hot tub is set up for you on edge of the lake, surrounded with snow and some of the best scenery you will ever lay your eyes on.

DAY 8:  All good things must come to an end and it's time to go home.  Be prepared, you probably won't want to return to civilisation.

All members of the expedition must arrange and have their own travel insurance to cover themselves whilst on the expedition and also a current European Health Insurance Card.
It is also wise to have cancellation insurance incase of political instability in the region or other unforeseen problems which may affect the running of the expedition.


Pair of warm boots

Spare pair of footwear for inside the cabin

Enough pairs of thermal socks to last the duration

Enough complete sets of thermals to last the duration

Enough spare underwear to last the duration

Pair of outdoor trousers

T-shirts or base layer tops

Jumper / Fleece

Waterproof outer jacket or skiing style jacket

Waterproof trousers

Pair Glovers


Toiletries bag


Sun block and lip salve

Set of strong sunglasses or ski goggles

Sleeping bag suitable for -20c

Sleeping mat

Bivvy Bag

Head Torch

Three Sets of spare batteries for head torch

Snap light



Billy Can

Knife, Fork and Spoon


Personal First Aid Kit


Rucksack (Hold Luggage)

Day Sack (Hand Luggage)

1 Thermos Flask

Enough food to last for three days in the snow during the survival/bushcraft phase

Ear plugs

If you have any knives or saws, please leave then in your hold luggage and not in your hand luggage.

Please do NOT bring an axe

23kg maximum

Please ensure that ALL kit is carried in a waterproof bag. Any cameras, mobile phones etc should be kept in re-sealable plastic bags to keep out water…, which will get everywhere!


The local currency is Swedish Kronor. You can put almost anything on a credit card but we would suggest taking about £50 in Kronor.  You will need to bring a credit card for the Snowmobile day - if you crash one you need to pay the excess.)


EHIC – European Health Insurance Card – you will need one of these. Please visit http://www.nhs.uk/nhsengland/Healthcareabroad/pages/Healthcareabroad.aspx and apply online.

Please consult your doctor. It is worth taking antibacterial soap with you and washing your hands before eating. Even by taking these precautions it is still possible to get an upset stomach, so having your own supply of Imodium (and loo roll) is advisable – if taking wet wipes, ensure they are biodegradable (i.e. Kandoo)


The temperatures in the wilderness could still be as low as -300C during the night but may rise to just below freezing during the day. Be prepared for all eventualities.


We will be to the north of Ostersund and East of Follinge




  • Flights
  • Fishing Licence
  • Snowmobiles (1 between 2 people), skis, snow shoes, husky teams, hot tub, shelter, fire wood and snow.
  • Food in the cabin
  • Transport
  • Insurance
  • Guide


  • Personal Expenditure (everything can be bought using a credit/debit card so there is no real need for cash)
  • Personal Travel Insurance
  • Rations for the Bushcraft Phase (You should buy what you need for 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 3 evening meals - please ask for advice)


  • You will need a current 10 year passport and a current European Health Insurance Card.


  • 7th - 14th January 2018


  • £1495 including Flights
  • £1245 excluding Flights (if you take this option, then you must ensure you meet the main group as they arrive at Ostersund Airport)

When choosing a company offering overseas events do ensure and ask for confirmation that they have adequate insurance and licensing.  This will give you the peace of mind that both you and your money are secure, and that you are dealing with a reputable company.

This venture is run in conformity and in accordance with British Standard 8848.
Licensing and Bonding

This trip is fully bonded and licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for your financial protection. All relevant customer monies are secured by Bank Guarantees and/or Insurance. An Air Travel Organisers' Licence (ATOL) granted by the CAA is held for this trip.  The ATOL number is 9576.