To make any expedition successful you must first have a good and strong team. We can provide a selection process and team building course so that you can enroll the strongest candidates for the team and ensure you have the correct blend of skills for the trip. We do this by running a 48-hour selection course, which will test the attitude, aptitude and physical fitness to suit your specifications. You can use us as the headquarters and administrative centre for this selection course. We will see to the organisation and the location, freeing your time for other expedition preparations.

We will work with you to cut through the ‘red-tape’ that is so frequently encountered with foreign travel. It will save you time and money! When you are on your expedition, we can also provide a base camp so that you have a point of contact when in the less accessible parts of the world giving you a means to contact the outside world and call for assistance or to get advice on those decisions that could affect the outcome of the expedition.

The service we provide is discreet, professional and unobtrusive. If you want one of our instructors to accompany you on the expedition or for any part of your training we will help in any way possible.

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