Television Work

If you work for a television or film production company and you are looking for a survival or bushcraft instructor, you have come to the right company. Survival School has worked with a vast range of companies on programmes which have been shown on cable, satellite and terrestrial television. We have turned down work which would degrade our instructors and our company, so if you have a truly original idea and one that will excite and enthuse the viewing public, give us a call on

Tel: 01453 752 220

Survival School has worked with:

  • BBC1 for Countryfile and Cash in the Attic
  • Leopard Films
  • Diverse TV for ‘Man versus Wild’
  • Endomol for ‘Swapheads’,
  • GMTV for ‘I’m on GMTV get Me Back on the Sofa’,
  • ITV Networks,
  • 12 Yard Productions for ‘Men are Better Than Women at Survival’,
  • Webb Productions for Survive!
  • Massive Engines with Chris Barrie,
  • Boys Toys with Tris Payne
  • Field Sports Channel
  • POV Productions

We have appeared on:

  • The BBC
  • ITV
  • Channel 5
  • The Discovery Channel
  • Sky Travel and more besides.

What can we offer you as a TV production company?

  • Due to our extensive work with filming and television, we understand what your time and resources pressures are and will anticipate what you want, where you want it and when you want it.
  • Our instructors have worked on TV before and understand about camera technique and sound pick ups.
  • We have some of the most fantastic locations, and are finding more every month.
  • Our instructors know what they are talking about. Some survival instructors only work on occasional weekends. Survival School instructors are professionals, not amateurs.
  • Our rates are very competitive.

We are fluid in our approach. Flexibility isn’t enough. We can and have worked in atrocious environments and climates.