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  1. Scholarship Success for Francis Lawrence

    Congratulations to Francis Lawrence

    Just before COVID struck, we launched the Survival School Scholarship Scheme.  Francis was one of the first to be awarded a place and we are so delighted to announce that he has now completed his Level 4 Instructors Course, which is accredited by the NCFE.  Well done Francis.  It has been a pleasure to help you get where you want to go.

  2. Keith Polkinghorne

    Keith Polkinghorne

    Keith is proof that anyone, at any time can find a space in the wilderness living skills and bushcraft world. He has a wide and

    varied background having worked as a professional musician, and tutor, amongst many other roles. He found a passion for traditional skills and bushcraft from an interest in re-enactment and living history.

    Being a qualified Archery Instructor and registered HEMA Instructor; It was a traditional bow making course that started his journey. Since then, he has gone on to study, research and experiment in the field; obtaining his NCFE level 4 from Survival School, as well as completing many other qualifications and CPD courses.

    Keith’s enthusiasm for the subject is infectious, and he has a relaxed, friendly, individual approach to the subject and to his teaching. Keith believes that bushcraft and wilderness living skills should be accessible and is dedicated to passing on these skills.

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  3. Mark Fox

    Mark Fox

    Mark has worked as an outdoor education instructor/practitioner for the past 22 years.  15 of which were as a senior instructor

    for local authority.  He has travelled extensively and used this as a learning experience to enhance his skills and knowledge of the natural world and wilderness living.


    Mark lives in the Peak District and is found most weekends enjoying the Peak Park both above and below ground!


    Mark has extensive experience of delivering fun, educational courses to a wide client base including; schools groups, young people, corporate groups, teachers and military personnel.

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